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Kimberly Lee Minor discusses why diversity inclusion should not be the hot new thing.

Kevin Stoneman shares impressions from LegalWeek 2019.

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Joe Sticca explores the role of brand in a blockchain decentralized world.

Save Money on New York Office Space Joe Goldman provides two useful links to cost effective coworking spaces in New York.

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Jean Pierre-Noel suggests an approach to consulting that can lead to long-term clients.

When a global ERP system implementation failed, Hugh Pinkus had to take stock of  what went wrong and why.

Jay Martin asks if we can agree on the opinion that globalization benefits everyone, but someone always winds up losing as well.

From Jay R. Weiser, an evergreen post on the principles that guide organizational success.

Jason Bovell provides expert advice on U.S. tax strategies for individuals.

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From this report on European millennials’ spending habits, Nik Kumar shares findings that are specific, approachable, and actionable.