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A concise post from Ahmet Kocamaz on the art and engineering of customer promotion projects.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study on best practices to reduce expenses and increase revenues across 104 rehabilitation hospitals.

Franck Nassiri explains how a great company culture can really make a difference.

From Jay R. Weiser, an evergreen post on dynamic stability.

A short, informative post from Eric Beylier on how blockchain will alter the world of supply chain.

Betty Ng recently launched the PO-LING POWER™ app and professional development and community building platform which will help propel you towards success.

Expert financial advice from Ashraf Shihabi’s company blog on how to correct common financial mistakes.

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Rodrigo Ochoa identifies the eight competencies that will help you recognize an effective leader.

Carmen Panzar shares key findings on the neuroscience of how people learn and shows how this knowledge can help improve the design of leadership programs.

For all those who would like to know more about customer segmentation, Ahmet Kocamaz’s company blog has provided a downloadable PDF on how to establish segments and how to use them.