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Remen Okoruwa explains how to develop better customer insight using the churn rate to add quantifiable data to the buyer personas.

David A. Fields offers practical advice on how to write articles consistently, and how to find more topics to write about.

Kaihan Krippendorff explains how Microsoft’s Encarta  gained the advantage over the long-established leader Encyclopedia Britannica using stratagem three “invite your enemy onto the roof, and then remove the ladder.”

In a recent interview for Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, Odin Muhlenbein discusses the importance of tipping points in systems at a global level, and how social entrepreneurs can embrace the power of systems thinking to create strategies for social system change.

Javier Estrella opens the door to a simple practice that can offer immediate results and many benefits to all areas of work and life.

Joshua Parks provides three steps that would bring down list/net pricing and reduce the cost of insurance.

Geoff Wilson explains what it takes to actually evolve in the business world.

David A. Fields examines the pros and cons of discounted fees on an initial consultation and explains why attracting transactional buyers may be a poor strategy.

Kaihan Krippendorff explores the concept of value to explain the success behind the “exchange a brick for jade”strategy in the second episode of the series 36 Stratagems.

Fred Humiston shares his experience from participating in the El Tour de Tucson where he learned five valuable life lessons that can be applied to business.