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In this episode of Boundless, Paul Millerd interviews Luke Kanies on his journey from commune to CEO. They discuss the central tension of organizations in a free market economy, and the lessons he learned when building his own company.

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Excellent advice for consultants on how to hold dynamite meetings from David A. Fields, and for extra insights and top tips, check the comments from fellow consultants.

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Soyini Coke highlights the need for, and benefits of, levity in the workplace.

Remen Okoruwa explains how SaaS companies should measure churn, and how to use metrics to to improve customer retention.  

Kaihan Krippendorff has compiled an immensely valuable resource that connects strategies from The Art of War to business. The first post in the 36 Stratagems series reveals a model for competition that is fundamentally different from the traditional Western concept.

Creative thinking is a term that leads many to ask, “yes, but how?”. Jared Simmons offers a few key questions that can lead the creative mind on a path to discovery.

This post from Brian Kelley’s company blog explores how the digital marketplace has affected the insurance industry.

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Ben Dattner offers a useful manual on how to write a managerial user’s manual.

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From Belden Menkus’ company blog, an informative article that identifies the seven stages of strategic change and asks the questions that need to answered to ensure a business model that adapts to change quickly and efficiently.

Andy Sheppard was recently interviewed on Inside LaunchStreet. The conversation focused on change leadership and what it takes to get it done.

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