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Artemiy Rozhetskin shares a post on the attraction of the European Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) market. He explains why expansion into the EMEA market should be on every business leader’s radar.

Andrea MacKenzie shares an article designed to de-escalate the conflict at hand and improve ongoing relations.

Bertrand Jouvenot shares an interview with Mark Schaefer about his book Belonging to Brand. Mark explains why community is a massively overlooked marketing opportunity for most organizations and how three major trends collide in a way that makes brand communities the future of marketing strategy

In this article, Edward Golod explains how tech startups can capture B2B executive attention.

In this article, James Lawson explains the role of technology in a shift to a sustainable and circular economy.

Karen Friedenberg shares an article that compares transformation to continuous improvement and which one is best when adopting a new business direction.

If you are thinking of implementing eSourcing at your company, this article from Steve Andrews will help you understand the pros and cons and what to avoid.

In this article, Jason Isaacs shares the lessons he learned when he made a life-altering decision.

In this article, Lyndsay Meyer shares how $40k from friends and family became a $100 million glamping success story.

Anna Furmanov shares an episode from her podcast series Modern Startup Marketing. In this episode, the focus is on using simple frameworks to define good content.