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In this article, Marischa van Zantvoort explains how to think differently about setting goals for 2024 and achieve better results.

Sebastian Vetter shares an informative article that identifies innovation patterns designed to help deal with crises.

Dianne Young shares a post on a training course taking place in 2024 that is designed to examine our world view and address biases. Cultural Competency Training is a MUST in 2024! Celebrating diversity is one thing; cultural competency is something different. Developing cultural competence includes examining our own worldview and biases and developing the […]

Takeshi Yoshida shares an video and mental model from a Dōjō community session where they discussed the professional topic of how to help Agile teams, or any team, go through a healthy Tuckman process of forming, storming, norming, performing.

In this article, Nicholas Zeisler offers a best practice in automation to avoid omnihorrible outcomes.

Galia Cornish explores a common question asked in enterprise resource planning (ERP).

In this article, Devin Patel Barochiya highlights progressive steps in healthcare and shares links to the sources of information.

Luis Agudelo shares a post that explains how to deal with conflict. Many important messages packed into a short video A must see as a reminder on how to properly deal with conflict resolution in an organisation.

Amaury Chardon shares a post that explains why the way your company operates is not digital friendly.

As the holiday season approaches, this advice from Ann-Marie Purvis may come in handy.