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From Stephen Wunker’s company, this working paper explores eight factors that stand out as major influencers in the adoption speed of an innovation.

Paul Millerd provides a much-needed post that questions the current drive to succeed at work at all costs and reminds us of the benefits of working less.

Exploring the Implications of Automobility In this article co-authored by Sven Beiker, the implications of automobility are explored from three possible sociotechnical transition scenarios: evolution, revolution and transformation.

Evren Ozkaya’s company recently announced a strategic alliance with privately-owned contract packager, Quality Packaging Specialists Int’l.

From David Burnie’s company blog, an article that explores the effects and opportunities of digital disruption and private equity.

Jeremy Greenberg explores the five qualities that kill an entrepreneur.    

From Kaihan Krippendorff’s company blog, this inspiring post provides a framework that identifies strategies behind successful innovations.

Dan Markovitz explains why respect for humanity as a whole starts with yourself.

From Remen Okoruwa, five reasons customer retention revenue is more important for your business than new sales.

James Phimister shares key takeaways from the  2018 National Federation of Advanced Information Services startup shootout with the contestants SciencePod, Bibblio, and LiquidText.