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A quick review on the revenue growth in the machinery and plant engineering industry from Achim Wapniewski. Access to the company presentation is available.

Eric Beylier takes a look at the factors that lie behind supply chain pricing and the big oil and gas squeeze.

Jay Martin opens a discussion on internships and provides insight into the problems and possible solutions to improve the current situation.

Valerie Markbreiter adds a new angle on bringing your dog, wolf, or wild dog to work.

A recent post on David Burnie’s company blog explores the effects digital disruption can have on private equity firms’ portfolios, how it can affect private equity firms, and what they can do to optimize internal operations.

Geraldo Maroniene sheds light on the importance of paying attention to data management platforms for latin american broadcasters.

In this week’s episode of 36 Stratagems, Kaihan Krippendorff explores Microsoft’s strategy to push PowerPoint into a lead position, and the triple play tactic used by Comcast to bundle products and confuse consumers.

Caroline Taich offers a few insightful and valuable key tips on gathering market research information.

Three quick, key tips from Robbie Kellman Baxter on what to do when a client approaches you for something that is ‘out of scope.’

After time spent rafting down the Grand Canyon, Susan Drumm returns from her vacation with a prescription for developing leadership skills by developing a deeper, holistic sense of gratitude in the workplace.