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In the third part of this series on fixing broken brands, Jonathan Paisner explores the issues on an aging brand.

In the current climate change uncertainty, Jason Bovell shares five tips on safeguarding financial records.

David A. Bernal’s company has identified five key challenges top management face when identifying, articulating, and prioritizing growth opportunities.

Good ideas are just the beginning of all projects, making the idea manifest takes teamwork. This insightful article from Yanay Zohar explains why good ideas fail, and what you can do to develop a culture that supports innovation and inspires action.

In this series of posts on innovation and growth, Amanda Setili explains how to de-risk your innovation investments.

The eighth stratagem from Kaihan Krippendorff reveals the benefits of using relationships and the recruitment of employees to strengthen your advantage and weaken your opposition. Discover how Google and Coke used this strategy to gain the advantage over their competitors.

In this recent interview with David Wilkie, CEO of World 50, and his Chief Customer Officer, Jenn Cooper, Soyini Coke explores the strength of intention behind the purpose movement.

In the second of this three part series, Jonathan Paisner explains how a shifting business strategy can break your brand – and what you can do to fix it.

James Black asks and answers the crucial question of “so what” to identify key takeaways on brand marketing insights from the new IRI pacesetters list.

Kaihan Krippendorff explains how Virgin, Starbucks, and Walmart used this strategy to expand their markets.