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From Keagan Russo’s company blog, an article on baseball sabermetrics, and how to optimize your sales leads.

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David A. Fields helps inspire growth strategies and motivate action with a 12-week challenge for consultants.

Ashraf Shihabi’s company newsletter is a valuable resource on tax and accounting. This month, it includes news and tips on setting up your business accounting system, managing capital gains tax, sales tax change, and the student loan forgiveness tax trap.

In this article for CEO Magazine, Amanda Setili explains how to avoid dangerous plateaus by creating a culture of fast learning.

Stephen Wunker published an article in Forbes that addresses the iron triangle shackling innovation.

As we move closer to automated machine learning, Ramesh Subramanian provides insight into the reality of the situation by comparing how a toddler and a deep learning algorithm understands information.

Michael Froehls explores the work/life relationship in a new series of posts. This week, leadership advice that breaks from the usual rhetoric.

Christy Johnson defines the key difference between a champion and a mentor and explains why you should definitely have one.

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Natalie Ceeney’s company blog explains how the generativity game works in corporate culture.

In many organizations, the performance of the IT department is a major receiver of investment and cause of concern when under producing. Tod Bolon offers insight into the problem and provides steps you can take to find a solution.