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Outthink and outmaneuver your competition with this manual for applying the rapid-cycle strategy process from Kaihan Krippendorff.

Martin Pergler co-authored this white-paper on concrete steps for CFOs to improve strategic risk management.

Geoff Wilson shares five random, but useful, thoughts on strategy.

From Jonathan Paisner, a simple M&A brand framework to help identify and scope issues that inevitably emerge with platform add-ons.  

David A. Fields shares some key points to consider when marketing your consulting firm.

Raj Sevilimedu explores the CEO’s job and explains why building common purpose is so important to outcomes.

Remen Okoruwa offers a few of strategies you can use to create a retention-focused sales team.

From Kaihan Krippendorff’s company, a webinar on how to design a disruptive business model.

Soyini Coke discusses what it takes to survive and thrive throughout economic downturns in the real estate industry.

This post from Linsly Donnelly offers parents a guide from the Parent Television Council to make sense of the channel complexity that streaming services introduce to your children, and consequently, your parental anxiety.