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By 2030, AI will contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy. This article from David Burnie’s company blog introduces just a few of the interesting and incredible uses of artificial intelligence.


From Amanda Utz’s company blog, three key factors to consider when onboarding new customers.

Jonathan Paisner has compiled a three-part series about B2B brand management that highlights the symptoms, causes, and cures for a broken brand. This post deals with the issue of inattention.

In stratagem six, Kaihan Krippendorff shows how Coca Cola and Pepsi used this strategy to break the stranglehold of Monsanto and lower the cost of aspartame sweetener.

Being successful in business and life often depends on personal well-being. Ramesh Subramani provides a resource of links to information on eating well and feeling great.

From John Van Leeuwen’s company blog, four methods that help assess the need for change and engage the catalysts to make it happen.

Geoff Wilson explains what the fear of missing out does to your business strategy.

Spend a moment with Rodrigo Ochoa to discover the truth behind the common facts and fallacies about Millennials.

David A. Fields offers some valuable advice on how to balance the ups and downs of a consulting practice and build a steady practice.

Belinda Li defines and explains the meaning and function of a social enterprise.