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Belinda Li defines and explains the meaning and function of a social enterprise.

From Sanjay Gandhi’s company blog, an exploration of AI hype using four areas of the Financial Services sector as examples of what the technology can achieve now and in the near-term.

Kaihan Krippendorff uses the alignment between Honda and Hero as a case study to explain how selecting the right supporters and targeting the right competitors can help you play one off the other to become more powerful.

Sherif El-Henaoui explains why tough decisions are not always the right ones.

This article from David Burnie’s company explores the impact of employee engagement on organizational performance, and provides steps on how to improve it.

Susan Drumm offers key questions that will engage colleagues and employees in a productive discussion about diversity in the workplace.

Dan Markovitz identifies six failure modes to avoid in strategy deployment.

Stephen Wunker provides five approaches to take when you need costovation, not innovation.

Jay R. Weiser explains the success behind customer-centric policies and offers points a business can take to begin assessing and planning for the journey towards becoming customer-centric.

Soyini Coke and guests discuss the real-world impact of these tariffs on an operating construction firm on this week’s CEO Exclusive.