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In episode four of the 36 Stratagems, Kaihan Krippendorff uses the success story of used-car retailer, CarMax, to explain how this strategy works in business.

A lack of communication between the marketing department and sales department is a common problem. Amanda Utz provides five key questions the marketing department can use to help align departments and improve connection and communication.

In an article for CEO Magazine, Amanda Setili explains why every CEO needs an ecosystem strategy; she also provides five steps and a framework to help create a powerful ecosystem.

Jonathan Paisner offers six tips for sustaining the passion after the brand launch.

Paul Millerd explains the differences, pros, and cons of full-timers, side-giggers and alternative workers.

From John Van Leeuwen’s company blog, key points on how business leaders can finally and consistently achieve the benefits of single point accountability.

A personal story from Nadine Salem that reminds us to wait with patience for the dark days to pass.

Stephen Wunker researched dozens of case studies about marketplace adoption to provide these insights on how to make revolutionary ideas simple to adopt.

Remen Okoruwa explains how to develop better customer insight using the churn rate to add quantifiable data to the buyer personas.

David A. Fields offers practical advice on how to write articles consistently, and how to find more topics to write about.