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John Sallay provides a valuable post on how to explain an idea clearly, crisply, and convincingly to an angel investor, VC, corporate CEO, or even a business plan competition judging panel.

Kaihan Krippendorff’s company offers a white paper on designing a business model that disrupts your competition, but not your company.

Join Andy Sheppard on this podcast conversation about change leadership and what it takes to get it done.

Dan Markovitz takes a look at the latest issue of the Spring 2018 AME Target magazine excerpts on data from LNS Research about continuous improvement and asks if companies are sending the right message to employees.

Another stellar post from David A. Fields on how to manage objections to consulting fees with concrete examples to cement both understanding and process.

From John Van Leeuwen’s company blog, five changes that can be made to achieve and sustain improvements to consistently meet and exceed the improvement program targets.

Ian Tidswell offers valuable advice on managing unexpected foreign exchange (FX) changes when pricing.

Tune in to another excellent post/interview from Soyini Coke on how to elevate humanity through business by engaging with the four pillars of conscious capitalism.

Check in with Robbie Kellman Baxter for her keynote speech in Bogota, Colombia on the membership economy.

Paul Millerd asks us to embrace the ambiguity and reality of the world and change the way we approach our working world to shift from merely surviving to thriving.