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Geoff Wilson explores leadership styles and uses the analogy of jazz and symphony to illustrate styles of the past and future.  

Mary Winn Miller explores the one thing missing from the ‘skills gap’ conversation, and asks “What are the skills organizations should be looking for, should be training for, and why?”

John Van Leeuwen explores how leaders can proactively maximize value rather than miss opportunities by reacting to change after the fact.

Kaihan Krippendorff looks back 100 years to the Li and Fung platform business model, which shares similarities with Uber and is a thriving example that can help current organizations learn how to become more agile and fluid.

Managing joint ventures? David Gross outlines key factors that facilitate the success of the lead director .

Dan Markovitz shares a recent and successful teamwork training program based on the principles and practice of Toyota Kata.

Jonathan Paisner explores ways value-added resellers (VAR) can build their brand and project the strongest and most differentiating strategic advisory story to stay competitive in the changing IT landscape.

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When developing a systems change strategy, it is common to focus on large, transformational changes; however, Odin Mühlenbein explores the benefits of including smaller, more targeted changes in the strategy.

Remen Okoruwa looks at the three biggest lies in marketing attribution and shares the best way to determine the truth in the marketing and sales tactics that matter.

David A. Fields explains why focusing on your talents and skills is an important strategy to pursue. For more stellar advice on building a successful consulting practice, check out David’s books.