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Business Growth

Business Growth

In this article, Francisco Blanco explores post-merger integration (PMI) in pharma and biotech and how to ensure an effective process.

If you build it, they will come, or will they? Shashi Bhat applies the adage to digital transformation, explains why merely building it is not enough, and outlines steps that can be taken to improve adoption.

Wouter Deelman shares an article on Mobility-as-a-service (Maas) and why it seems to be the “holy grail” of corporate mobility and travel.

In this post, Wouter Deelman asks VC’s if they’d invest in this AI startup.

In this article, Mindy Anderson explains the advantages of hiring a fractional CMO for companies that want to scale.

Mitul Ruparelia shares an article that identifies common mistakes when building a sales team and explains how to avoid them.

In this article, Devin Patel Barochiya highlights progressive steps in healthcare and shares links to the sources of information.

In this article, Tim Hillison explains how to increase winning in today’s dynamic B2B SaaS world.

In this article, Jenifer Bulcock explains what user research is and how user researchers can become a useful innovation partner.

Lina Gallagher explains why brands are moving towards Direct to Consumer (D2C) eCommerce.