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Business Operations

Business Operations

Peter Cook shares an article on the benefits of adopting supplier-enabled innovation (SEI).

Andre Pharand shares a post on postal players and all global express companies vying for growth in B2C delivery.

In this article, Ramki Jagadishan explores why traditional business process technology has not kept pace with consumer technology.

In this article Gaurav Vaid shares key points on product inspiration.

In this article, Christelle Espinasse shares six key recommendations to embed sustainability in the organisational culture and business models.

Kaiwen Cheng shares an article exploring the current issue of talent and labor shortages, the employment of AI, and the workforce in STEM.

Gaurav Vaid shares an article that explains how to apply the art of zen to product management.

Stephen Hopper shares a free resource and seven recommended steps for objectively determining the best location for your new warehouse.

This company article from Simon Tonat explains why it is so important to stay on the cutting edge of service, why it’s difficult to do so, and the problems that arise when you don’t. 

Thomas Storteboom shares the problem with ideas that are too big or too small and offers insight into the idea size sweet spot.