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Health Technologies

Health Technologies

In this article, Nils Bering explores drug sales, digital health and how COVID changed how the public approached health matters.

In this post, Barath Ananda shares a major milestone from a recent consulting project—a transformative AI assistant designed specifically for oncologists in the US.

In this article, Vijay Luthra explores machine learning and large language models in healthcare and life sciences.

Joseph Putnik shares an article that takes a look at the growing relationship of data science and healthcare.

One year later, Ellen Beth Levitt identifies the ongoing challenges for health care communicators as a new normal emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

  John Brockett Mitchell shares an article on the movement away from personal relationships in healthcare and explains that, as we move toward a “scalable” model of healthcare, the scale tips the wrong way.

  Liliana Petrova shares an article from a series on the trends and tactics of customer experience. This post takes a closer look at the patient experience and what telehealth means for the future.

  David Stowe provides an article on the IPO (initial public offering) process; specifically, in the biopharma industry.

Tonushree Mondal explores the three realities facing the pharmaceutical industry today, including growth and change, which calls for scaling of talent processes at speed. She also provides several steps and missteps that can lead towards a business advantage or disadvantage.

Paddy Padmanabhan identifies what the first-half performance of major global IT services firms tell us about the healthcare IT demand environment, and provides a downloadable, complete sixty-page report that is full of interactive charts, easy to consume data, and commentary.

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