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In this post, Leslie Venetz shares what she has learned after 1000 days of posts on LinkedIn.   Access the full post on LinkedIn.

Carole Irgang shares information on how to form lasting bonds with your customers with examples that demonstrate how the big brands do it.

Dr.Andree Bates shares a podcast where she discusses how AI can be leveraged to analyze qualitative market research more efficiently with Sidi Lemine, Founder & CEO of Jade Kite.

In this article, Mindy Anderson shares three critical steps that contribute to a successful revenue marketing strategy.

Sean Wilkins shares five mistakes brands make with new customers.

In this article, Alex Papageorgiou shares the secrets to building brand authority and getting published in Business Insider, Entrepreneur and HBR — without a PR agency.

Laura Nguyen shares key SEO tips including three important elements in SERP rankings.

Shlomi Ron shares lessons from the art world and relates it to promoting your brand, services, or products.

In this useful article, Lilian Raji explains how you can save your money and build your own relationships with the press to get the coverage you need. 

If it’s Thursday, it’s time for a few thoughts from Tim Kist. This week, he shares a short case study designed to question your focus on the product and service that you create and deliver to your customers.