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Sam Gupta provides insight into what is needed for manufacturing companies to streamline processes for document management and why an electronic document management system is the answer.

  Gonzalo Mendez provides an article that takes a look at internal controls and the value of automated processes.

  Dan Balcauski identifies nine common mistakes businesses make when developing their churn rate formulas.

Ryan Rogers explains why you need a great risk management policy and provides an approach to structuring a best of breed policy in addition to steps to guide the policy development process.

Jeff Sipes explains why it is vital to have a process talk with middle management to help them understand the fundamentals of business process orientation and horizontal end-to-end focus.

Ladd Muzzy identifies four key risk management factors that can be accomplished by an annual assessment process.

Jay R. Weiser provides three valuable processes that can provide context and insight to help navigate today’s disruptive, uncertain, and unpredictable environment.

Steve Mollen explains why change management is critical to the success of big data initiatives and how to maximize the efficacy of the change management strategy.

Useful tips from Ashley Prisant Lesko on how to eliminate dirty jobs at work and streamline processes.

Kelly Haggerty provides a detailed framework to help develop a robust on-boarding process for diligence.

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