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Professional Development

Professional Development

In this post, Prateek Chauhan explores why people getting restless against their governments The number of anti-government protests all over the world has increased from 31 in 2017 to 195 in 2023. Within 1.5 months of 2024, the world has already witnessed 22 protests! I created an interactive dashboard to visualize this really interesting data […]

A.J. Bubb shares how he battled long Covid with a blend of AI and human resilience.

Olivia Bethmann shares a short, useful post and video on breathing tips that help reduce stress and anxiety, create energy and improve sleep.

Matteo Costa shares his thoughts as he steps away from a corporate position to develop his startup.

In this article, Elizabeth Cohen provides a few self-care trends shaping 2024 and beyond.

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When it comes time to talk rates, Lee Sharma shares advice wrapped in an anecdote.

In this comprehensive article, Ian Smith explores the exit myth and how entrepreneurs can improve the exit process when selling their business.

Melisa Liberman has recently published a book, Grow Your Consulting Business: The 14-Step Roadmap to Make Your Independent Consulting Goals a Reality. It is now available as a free download and provides a step-by-step to transform your consulting business into a predictable engine. Free ebook download.

In this article published on Forbes, Andrew Pek explores the future role of the chief innovation officer.

Kylie van Luyn shares an article published in Choices magazine that explores how to achieve sustainable growth and face challenges with resilience.