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Professional Development

Professional Development

As the holiday season approaches, this advice from Ann-Marie Purvis may come in handy.

In this post, Eva Cruz advocates for STEM careers as a path to financial independence for women.

In this post, Jacqueline Fisch shares six unsexy writing habits she embraced to win the short and long creation game.

Rosalie Ennes shares a video from her So What Series on YouTube. In this episode, she talks about the risk of not documenting your business processes.

For all those who are thinking of leaving their job to pursue an idea, this company post from Paul Clarke identifies three key considerations to work through before taking the leap.

Michelle Drapkin shares a personal story and a few tips on how to respond to adult “tantrums”.

In this article, Bret Gallaway explains how to achieve pitch deck clarity to influence investors.

William Arruda shares an article that explains how using AI will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase both productivity and capability.

Valerie Markbreiter draws from Jean de La Fontaine’s fable the Wolf and the Dog to help identify similar traits in the entrepreneur. 

Janice Burg-Levi shares an episode from her podcast It’s Great Business. In this episode, she interviews Bob Goodwin, founder of Career Club, an organization that helps people who are in job transition.