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This article from Miguel Guevara explains how leadership enablement is the key to successful initiatives.

Angelique Hanily shares an article that explains how to implement a strategy successfully.

In this article, Karen Thomas-Bland outlines how finance leaders should map their buy and build strategies to avoid a maturity gap too wide to close.

Tonushree Mondal provides an article published in Forbes that identifies three strategies to leverage skills as the new currency to create organizational agility.

In this article, Barbara Carkenord explains why project managers and business analysts need to get involved with strategic planning.

Greg Taffet shares a podcast where he was interviewed on ERP Organizational Change, strategy, and alignment.  

Lee Nyari shares a blog entry on pricing that illustrates the strengths and limitations of the “charge higher at smaller accounts” pricing strategies.

  From Yusuf Moolla’s company blog, a post that asks “Is big data more valuable than smaller data?” and explains five ways to extract value from data. Read the full article, Small datasets for audits: 5 ways to extract value, on

  Livia Jenvey shares an article that explains how mitigating risk in your operational supply chain is an easy cost reduction strategy.

  In this post, Livia Jenvey shares the important points to consider when formulating an exit plan with the goal of achieving high financial gains.