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Tunisha Shome shares an article on seven generative AI use cases and how they will change the way we work

Nik Nicholas shares a company post that explores the ethical dilemmas of data science with a focus on balancing privacy and innovation.

Mark Ball shares a company post that identifies red flags in IT spend.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler shares a video where he talks about the Inflation Reduction Act enticing major investments in U.S. solar plants.

 Matthew Hopkins offers solutions to manual storage with this article on warehouse automation. 

Lauren Hisey shares an article that identifies five issues with implementing AI too fast.

In this article, Daniel Lucas gives examples of why IT Due Diligence is NOT an audit, but a key piece of the value creation process in private equity.

Get ready for the metaverse. Matthew Smart shares a podcast on how to gamify learning and apply a powerful model and game-style thinking to your new and existing training projects.

Mathieu Gosselin shares an article on the emergent risks to workplace safety as a result of IT connections of and between work equipment and explains how The Internet of Things is creating complex connectivity between systems and processes.

Thinking about adding virtual reality to your storytelling projects? Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the documentary Under the Canopy, a 360-degree virtual reality view of the Amazon by producer Gloria Bradbury. Not interested in virtual reality storytelling? Check out it anyway, it’s a chance to see a little of the Amazon.