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David A. Fields offers excellent advice on how to deal with a project that has been delayed.

David A. Fields helps inspire growth strategies and motivate action with a 12-week challenge for consultants.

David A. Fields offers some valuable advice on how to balance the ups and downs of a consulting practice and build a steady practice.

David A. Fields offers practical advice on how to write articles consistently, and how to find more topics to write about.

David A. Fields examines the pros and cons of discounted fees on an initial consultation and explains why attracting transactional buyers may be a poor strategy.

Excellent advice for consultants on how to hold dynamite meetings from David A. Fields, and for extra insights and top tips, check the comments from fellow consultants.

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David A. Fields has identified the ten attributes of a successful consultant.

David A. Fields shares some key points to consider when marketing your consulting firm.

Another stellar post from David A. Fields on how to manage objections to consulting fees with concrete examples to cement both understanding and process.

David A. Fields offers insight into the most common objection to fees and provides a few steps that offer clarity and steps to counteract objections.

The nuances of crafting a compelling introduction email are often overlooked. David A. Fields provides a sample email that works in yet another pithy post that will brighten your day, your interest in tater tots, and your outlook on life in general.

Knowing when to discuss fees is always tricky, David A. Fields offers advice on getting the timing right.