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From Belden Menkus’ company blog, an informative article that identifies the seven stages of strategic change and asks the questions that need to answered to ensure a business model that adapts to change quickly and efficiently.

Belden Menkus provides a new model for strategy and implementation and explains why it is better than the traditional model.

Dramatic change can throw a proverbial spanner in the most efficient process. Belden Menkus offers a free download white paper on how to maintain organisational effectiveness throughout times of change.

From the company blog of Belden Menkus, an analogy between sports and employees to discover who plays best on which team.

Belden Menkus explains why middle management are often overlooked and why it is important to pay attention to this forgotten layer.

In this informative downloadable white paper, Belden Menkus offers six quickly implemented tools that can maintain organizational effectiveness in times of dramatic change.