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In the third part of this series on fixing broken brands, Jonathan Paisner explores the issues on an aging brand.

In the second of this three part series, Jonathan Paisner explains how a shifting business strategy can break your brand – and what you can do to fix it.

Jonathan Paisner has compiled a three-part series about B2B brand management that highlights the symptoms, causes, and cures for a broken brand. This post deals with the issue of inattention.

Jonathan Paisner offers six tips for sustaining the passion after the brand launch.

From Jonathan Paisner, a simple M&A brand framework to help identify and scope issues that inevitably emerge with platform add-ons.  

Jonathan Paisner discusses the role emotion plays in a brand acquisition.

Jonathan Paisner explains what the GPS brain is, and how your brand can connect with consumers effectively in this new age of communication.

Jonathan Paisner explores ways value-added resellers (VAR) can build their brand and project the strongest and most differentiating strategic advisory story to stay competitive in the changing IT landscape.

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Jonathan Paisner explores a few key elements that can result in brand portfolio confusion and offers tips to help improve cross-selling.