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Brian Buss

  Brian Buss shares a report that has compiled information from 50 IR Global professionals in the legal, accountancy and financial sectors who are key to ensuring that an M&A deal is successful, providing all parties seek the right advice.

This article from Brian Buss’ company explains why PPC prices are a key element in damages calculations and valuations using a relief from pay-per-click (RfPPC) methodology, and how a relief from pay-per-click damages analysis can be used to quantify economic damages if it is determined that this use constitutes infringement.

Brian Buss shares an informative slide-deck on the foundational building blocks that guide brand valuation

This comprehensive case study from Brian Buss’ company explains why leveraging brand assets properly and delivering on the company mission translates into brand equity, which leads to brand equity and brand valuation that captures the resulting return on investment.

In this article published in Restaurant Dive, Brian Buss and Doug Bania explore an intellectual property (IP) issue when assessing the monetary value of a restaurant’s culture and heritage for franchising or selling.

From Brian Buss’ company, a case study on the fair and reasonable value for the use of a celebrity’s name and photograph in a marketing campaign.

Brian Buss is a speaker at the Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA on July, 9-11. This is a 3-day networking and educational event for social media influencers, brands, digital marketers dedicated to influencer marketing.

Brain Buss co-authored an article published in Attorney at Law that identifies the four factors used to determine whether a celebrity is a strong fit with a product and if the company has benefited financially from the celebrity’s social media posts. Brian will share his expertise on intellectual property at the Influencer Marketing Conference & […]

Advice from valuation experts, Brian Buss and Doug Bania, in this comprehensive paper on estimating and managing the economic impact of brand disparagement.

This article from Brian Buss’ company blog identifies why branding clarity is key to intellectual property (IP) valuation for mission-driven companies.

Brian Buss provides practical steps to consider when a company is selling a new innovation to avoid liability for damages.