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Dan Seewald

Dan Seewald generously and eloquently shares a memory about the cabinet of curiosities and provides a remedy for ennui.

  Dan Seewald shares an article that explores why companies suffer from a lack of innovation and how applying a ‘metaphor strategy’ can instigate fresh ideas.

Dan Seewald explains how to overcome the problem of employees who are uninspired by their organizational leaders and cannot find a purpose in the work that they do.

Dan Seewald explains the benefits of restricting creative freedoms to kickstart a creative breakthrough. Instructions supplied.

When trying to change customer behaviour, Dan Seewald and his team tried advertising and public relations campaigns, customer workshops, a specialized field force — and none of it worked. Then they tried this.

Dan Seewald provides a simple strategy to reduce information overload.

Dan Seewald compares the story of his grandfather’s rise and fall during the Great Depression with today’s disruption in industry to identify the one key skill that is needed to succeed.

Dan Seewald shares insights gained from his first corporate restructuring experience and recommends three actions that can help restructure an organization, without sowing the seeds of corporate PTSD.