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Brian Sheahen

  Brian Sheahen shares a timely post on what those concerned can do with their concentrated stock position.

  Brian Sheahan explains how an intra-family loan can help families and beneficiaries meet a variety of borrowing, wealth transfer, and wealth accumulation goals in more flexible ways than using commercial borrowing.

  Brian Sheahen provides an article that explores recent market volatility and shares his thoughts on how to maintain perspective in the face of recent sell-offs in global equity markets and alarmist headlines.

This article from Brian Sheahen’s company blog explains the important details of a charitable remainder trust (CRT), including the appeal, the two different types, how to manage the trust, and the tax arbitrage opportunity.

Read how these wealth strategies from Brian Sheahen can help you navigate a down market.

In this blog from Brian Sheahen’s company, you will find a comprehensive summary of information on incentive stock options (ISOs), including investment and tax planning.

An insightful and useful post from Brian Sheahen on how to choose a trustee.

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This article from Brian Sheahen’s company blog explains the differences between exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds and why the individual investor should take the time to understand the difference.