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Ben Marandi

In this article, Ben Marandi explains why France is a leading country in food waste reduction.

  How is COVID-19 affecting food manufacturing and what risk management policies should they implement? Ben Marandi provides an article on effective virus risk management in food production and the opportunity to tune into his 90-minute webinar on the best risk management policies for food manufacturers and processes at this time of virus outbreak.

Benjamin Neivert addresses security concerns, especially around attachments and links, and explains how a simple, inexpensive solution can alleviate concerns.

Ben Marandi shares a timeless post on the precautionary principle and its impact on international trade.

Ben Marandi takes a look into the system behind the demand, supply, and distribution of food and the impact of food banks on food waste management.

In response to the growing concern about food security, Ben Marandi has curated information he is compiling for a white paper into a series of articles on food waste reduction.