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Amit Patel

Amit Patel shares an article on supply chain issues. If you’ve failed to find some of your favorite items on store shelves recently, then you’re well aware that the pandemic’s supply chain issues have not yet been completely resolved. As organizations look to future-proof their supply chains, AI has emerged as a possible solution to […]

Amit Patel shares a post that requests information from professionals using or working in the gig economy.

As COVID-19 and various off-shoot viruses plague the planet, Amit Patel shares an article that explores whether the “new normal” is currently underway or still TBD.

Amit Patel shares an article and statistics that demonstrate how social media use for business was reenergized by COVID-19.

Amit Patel shares a post that identifies a strategy undertaken by top companies to ensure they maintain their position. 

  Amit Patel identifies the need for business leaders to move forward with purpose on equitable, social, and environmental issues as an integral component of decision making.  

  Amit Patel identifies the many industries that will use and do use drones; and how drones will impact the existing supply chain model. 

  Amit Patel shares an article that reveals how important it is for organizations to change – or be changed.

  Amit Patel shares an article that explains how agile transformation can improve operational performance and why manufacturing plants should move towards becoming smart factories.

  As the business world heads back into the workplace, there will be a certain amount of reorganizing and refining operations. Amit Patel provides a post that examines four considerations for businesses and other organizations with a focus on how to decide which members of staff to bring back.

  Amit Patel shares a post and link to a white paper that identifies the challenges for the global value chain post COVID-19 and explores three key areas that need to be addressed in a post-pandemic business world, including reducing an over-reliance on China, reshoring, and digital transformation.   

Amit Patel’s company blog identifies one of the reasons why many strategies fail, and what you can do to avoid falling into this trap.