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Carolina Miranda

Carolina Miranda shares a case study on a ubiquitous household product that can be made sustainably, economically, and profitably.

  With issues of climate change becoming more severe and more apparent and more widespread, more of us are taking steps to do what we can where we can. However, before planning action, it’s a good idea to get an idea of your carbon footprint. Carolina Miranda explains why it’s important to know and offers […]

  Carolina Miranda Shares an inspiring story and provides real-life examples of sustainability in action.

  With 2021 continuing the conversation on inclusion and diversity, Carolina Miranda shares an article that explains how companies can move from words to action to address systemic racism.

  Addressing systemic racism is easier said than done, however, in this article, Carolina Miranda explains how to move from words to action.

  Carolina Miranda provides practical suggestions and actions individual companies can take to address systemic racism, and change organizations from within.

Carolina Miranda shares a complete guide on everything you need to know about B Corp certification for startups.

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