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Coonoor Behal

Design thinking can boosts long-term innovation and improves profit, and in this article, Coonoor Behal identifies common blocks and explains how to overcome them.

  Coonoor Behal shares insights from five diversity, equality, and inclusion experts that explain how to build an equitable workplace.

  In celebration of World Innovation and Creativity Day, (and in case you missed it) Coonoor Behal has gathered some popular insights in one place to help you celebrate, create, and innovate.

  If innovation is a key factor that determines the success of a business, is it time to check your innovation status? Coonoor Behal provides an article that can help you find out if your company is innovative.

  Coonoor Behal shares a few key tactics on how to address internal inequities, unlock more creativity, and avoid falling into the trap of tokenism.

  Coonoor Behal shares a post from her company’s website on how an abundance mindset will make your team more collaborative and innovative by reframing challenges as opportunities and limitations as possibilities.