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Aarfa Saleem

Aarfa Saleem - Member Profile

Dubai, UAE

MSc, Imperial College London
Philip Morris International
Independent Professional

With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, Aarfa has established herself as a versatile consultant adept at driving transformative change. She has worked in leading consulting organizations such as Accenture and IBM where she developed a robust background in intelligent automation, consumer journey mapping, digital transformation, and go-to-market strategies. At Accenture’s London office, she specialized in driving client-centered initiatives, particularly within the financial services and public sectors.

Aarfa delivered implementation of automation solutions and led transformative initiatives focusing on process optimization and cost reduction through advanced methodologies and technology adoption. At IBM she specialized in enterprise design thinking and spearheaded transformative engagements for leading organizations. During her tenure, she played a key role in securing substantial contracts and delivering impactful solutions across diverse sectors. At Philip Morris International she led the design and execution of pioneering consumer journey programs, garnering global recognition and nominations for prestigious awards.

She lives in Dubai with her daughter and husband and is looking for opportunities to collaborate within the Financial Services, Health & Public Sector space.

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