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Aditya Khanna

Aditya Khanna - Member Profile

Mumbai, India

MBA, Indian Inst of Mgmt Calcutta
Ernst & Young
Sapient Razorfish
Independent Professional

As a business advisor to CXOs across industries and geographies, I have helped my clients develop and execute innovative solutions addressing business outcomes ranging from growth and profitability to customer experience. As a business leader, I have built (start-up) and scaled a number of new businesses, with responsibility across business development, revenue generation and execution.

As a management consultant with 20 years of experience, I help bridge the divide between business and technology and generate value through
– Digital Business Transformation: from revamping operating models to managing change
– Business Strategy: from market entry & business planning through to execution
– Experience design: across customer interaction, service delivery and employee engagement
– Value extraction: through post-merger integration (PMI), automation (BPM, RPA) & risk management

Let us have a chat if you are exploring how to redesign your value proposition, optimize your business operating model, leverage digital or enhance returns from investments in FinTech, analytics, social, AI & machine learning

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