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Alison C Schwalm

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Philadelphia, PA

MSc, University of Melbourne
General Electric
Merck and Co
Independent Professional

With over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries and as a consultant at Accenture, Alison Schwalm focuses on enhancing business processes and implementing digital solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and support company growth.

Before joining Accenture, Alison partnered with C Suite to support mergers and acquisitions, large-scale transformation, and built out change and continuous improvement practices to support a high-performance culture. She established a Strategic Change Office practice for a mutual insurance company that was undergoing a reinvention, realizing that people are the core of any change. She is passionate about assisting CEOs in accelerating their change and transformation programs by aligning their people.

Alison resides in Pennsylvania with her family and as the current 800m National Champion, is training for this year’s World Masters Track and Field Championships in Sweden.

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