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Alok Anand

Alok Anand - Member Profile

Los Angeles, CA

MBA, California State University
Louis Vuitton
Independent Professional

Alok is a globally-skilled business transformation leader in supply chain and operations with a broad range of operational, technical, financial, and IT partnership experiences. He has also led several new product development and commercialization projects in food, beverage, nutritional supplement, cosmetics, and consumer goods.

For over two decades, Alok served in various corporate leadership roles at Herbalife, Isagenix, Unilever, Louis Vuitton, and Dabur. His specific areas of interest include forecasting, demand planning, S&OP or SIOP (sales inventory and operations planning), Supply chain, inventory management, strategic sourcing, procurement, R&D, new product development, logistics, and customer service.

Alok is currently building his consulting practice and his current projects include setting up an operation to develop and commercialize nutritional supplements and vegan cosmetics.

He enjoys working with companies and individuals who like innovation in their products or efficiency in their supply chain. Feel free to take advantage of brief complimentary calls to quickly run by an idea or get an opinion.

After living, studying, and working in three countries, Alok is now settled in Los Angeles with his wife and two wonderful kids. Started as a hobby in angel and real estate investing, he now holds a portfolio into several states in the USA and India.

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