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Anthony Sive

Anthony Sive - Member Profile

Sydney, Australia

PhD, University of Cape Town
Southern Steel Group

Pragmatic Strategy | Cultural Transformation | International Experience | Business Turnaround and Growth

Over 30 years of successful international business and management experience in the manufacturing industry across multiple business verticals and value chains. Consistently advocates change for growth, new technology ecosystems and sustainability. Delivered several highly successful global digital transformations at the executive level. Brings strategic, operational and leadership experience in the manufacturing sector and firmly believes that technology makes things possible, but people make them happen.

An effective leader, communicator, negotiator, and mentor, constantly looking to create significant shareholder wealth.

“Anthony Sive brings a pragmatic approach to strategy that allows him to provide innovative and valuable advice at the highest levels of business. Anthony was part of my senior management team at Boral where he was charged with addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the company at a time of major change.” Tony Berg AM, Director, Gresham Partners, Former CEO Macquarie Bank, Former CEO Boral.

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