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Armaghan Naik

Armaghan Naik - Member Profile

San Diego, CA

PhD, Carnegie Mellon
Bloomberg LP

Armaghan “Rumi” Naik has run his own consulting firm focused on machine learning, drug development, and strategy since 2022. Rumi has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University and has spent two decades at the forefront of artificial intelligence research. Previously, Rumi was an Operating Partner at Flagship Pioneering and President of Metaphore Therapeutics (as FL72), and an Associate Vice President and Head of Digital at Sanofi. At Sanofi, Rumi built the team that made the first end-to-end completely AI designed vaccines – these vaccines were clinically tested ( and were up to twice as efficacious as the standard of care influenza vaccine. Prior to Sanofi, Rumi was faculty at Carnegie Mellon.

Rumi’s PhD thesis was in the automation of biological research. Before his PhD, Rumi pioneered symbolic reasoning techniques while at Intel, spanning several volume processor generations of the Core i7 and Pentium 4.

Rumi is proud to be a Bloomberg LP alumnus and contributed to the invention of the Bloomberg Fair Value of Bonds (<BVAL> on the Bloomberg Terminal). Rumi splits his time between Cambridge, MA and San Diego, CA

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