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Arun Padmanabhan

Arun Padmanabhan - Member Profile

Minneapolis, MN

MBA, Metropolitan State University
EXL Service
ASA Consulting

Arun Padmanabhan is a Program Manager, and leverages his 20+ years of experience in consulting and operations to help clients achieve their strategic goals and optimize their performance. He has worked at four consulting firms including Capgemini. Prior to consulting he worked in financial services operations. He is passionate about creating value, driving change, and delivering results. He is eager to learn new skills, explore new domains, and collaborate with diverse teams.

His core competencies include Program Management, Project Management, Business Transformation, Business Case Development, and Process Analysis. He has successfully delivered multiple projects for clients in Insurance and Financial Services.

Arun is happy to collaborate on project or program management needs. He is based in the Minneapolis area.

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