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Asaf Buchner

Asaf Buchner - Member Profile

Washington D.C.

MBA, NYU Stern
Ernst & Young
Independent Consultant

Senior global growth strategist, implementation leader and financial services expert with deep experience executing critical M&A, market-entry, and operations initiatives for leading institutions, including Charles Schwab, UBS, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, and Brookfield, among others.

Significant expertise in target identification, assessment and integration, as well as operating model design for top asset, alternative asset, private wealth management, investment & commercial banking, insurance, and specialty finance providers.

Highly analytical approach and insight with ability to successfully address complex problems and develop innovative solutions to drive transformational change. Collaborative manager and motivator of diverse engagement teams. Unique multicultural background grounded in both residency and work engagements across U.S., Europe and Asia. Fluent in Hebrew and Italian, proficient in French.

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