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Ashutosh Singh

Ashutosh Singh - Member Profile

New Delhi, India

MBA, Indian School of Business
Arthur D Little

Ashutosh has more than 15 years of experience and a strong track record in executing mission critical strategy projects for Fortune 500 companies. He has consistently combined long term strategic approach with tiered action-oriented goals. He has lead successful consulting engagements in the following sectors Auto, Technology Financial Services, PE Due Diligence and Corporate Venture Capital. He executed one of the most successful GTM (Go-To-Market) Strategy in India in the last decade leading to a positive impact of greater than $2bn. He also has led analytics led cost reduction projects.

Ashutosh has significant experience in managing innovation, and digital transformation, having iterated multiple methodologies to assess the time to market for next-generation technologies. He has also been instrumental in building investment theses for large corporate venture capital arms, with AUM of over $5 billion.

Additionally, Ashutosh has developed frameworks to evaluate ROI and capital outgo on both internal and external R&D projects and authored research papers on technology.

He also has created custom toolkits and developed GTM Analytics for corporations and growth companies.

He was an early pioneer in assessing and supporting investments in AI projects. He has successfully advised multiple tech companies scale in developed markets.

He has strong personal networks in Japan, US, MENA and Switzerland.

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