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Benjamin Silverman

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Philadelphia, PA

MBA, University of Michigan
UMS Group
Ben Silverman Consulting

Hi all – my name is Ben Silverman. I was on the corporate side professionally until the end of 2022 when I left Comcast. At Comcast, I led the company’s residential digital product teams, responsible for self-service websites ( and agent tools. Before I joined the digital org, I was a customer retention marketer. I’m responsible for all of the Movers Edge communications you’ve seen from Comcast since 2012. I started my career with 2 firms in management consulting. In 2023, I have been involved in 3 start-ups: 2 in new media for college sports and journalism, the other a wireless telecom direct-to-consumer plan.

I am looking to get connected to projects to scale concepts to channels or new experiences.

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