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Carl Allen

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London, England

BSc, University of Bristol
Independent Consultant

I am leveraging my executive experience across a range of enterprise sizes and markets to help ambitious organisations grow, scale and reach desired enterprise value. I was an Executive at IBM, DXE and others, running large P&Ls and pivoted to give back to industry to help professionalise, transform and scale businesses to achieve their enterprise value goals.

I have an unusual combination of significant leadership experience (integration, turnaround and growth), significant commercial P&L ($25m – $300m), cultural leadership, big deal leadership and technology programme delivery (in both regulated and unregulated environments). I also work with PE and VC funds to optimise their portfolio and with due diligence.

Please consider these highlights:
§ CEO of PE backed B2B SaaS FinTech Cloud business, professionalised, turned around and transformed, led digital transformation, rebranded, repositioned and achieved an doubling of turnover and gross profit, cashflow breakeven, C-Sat of 9.8 and 95% retention rates.
§ Turnaround and M&A integration CEO role in the Nordics, (rallied EBITDA from -11.5% to +9.4% in 11months)
§ Built and scaled significant P&Ls with revenues of $300m+ and revenue growth rates up to 52% p.a.
§ Leadership of c1500 multidisciplinary staff including Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Operations, Finance, HR.
§ Scaling up of a privately owned business to an exit and fully secured earn-out with 400% private investor returns.
§ Delivered digital transformation of a Broking house in Asia resulting in a 150% increase in turnover.
§ GTM methodology rollout and big deal leadership, e.g. won a $30m deal despite being $6m more expensive, took a Tier 1 account from $0 to $18m revenue in 11 months.
§ CEO of £60m Event, Tech & Media Business and founded new SaaS metaverse subsidiary business (
§ Responsible for launching high profile D2C consumer programmes, e.g. The National Lottery and EuroMillions.
§ Critical programme delivery, e.g., Internet banking, Digital transformation, Finance transformation, Supply Chain modernisation, Oil trading platform transformation, SaaS platform transformation, Finance BPO.

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