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Carmen Williams

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Seattle, WA

MBA, Rutgers University

Carmen Williams has over 25 years of experience in business leadership roles heading up direct sales and marketing for innovative technology companies including Getty Images, Microsoft, SonoSite (FujiFilm), DreamBox, Apex Learning, Zenoti, and Zuper. And now as Chief Evolution Officer and fractional CMO, Carmen helps companies accelerate innovation and growth with an evolutionary approach to managing adaptive business environments. Her focus includes strategy development, branding, culture, customer experience, growth and product marketing.

Carmen is also the author of Evolve For Growth – Leading Innovation with An Evolutionary Approach. With a masters-level education in advertising, marketing, and the science of evolution in the application for managing adaptive business environments, her lifelong passion for learning and evolving has led her to become a leading thought leader on the topic of evolutionary strategy for business. Her passion for business started with her experience as a top-level soccer player in the Canadian premier women’s soccer league and she relates much of how to evolve and progress to be successful in business with how to evolve and progress to win at soccer.

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