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Christoph Polly

Christoph Polly - Member Profile

Vienna, Austria

MBA, Warwick Business School
Erste Group

Throughout his career, Christoph advised numerous clients in the financial services industry in almost 50 countries around the world. He served as both subject matter expert and project manager leading diverse project teams of up to 500 FTE. Having completed a bank training focusing on real estate in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic at Erste Group Bank, he decided to switch the perspective and become a management consultant. For the next nearly 15 years, he was working for Accenture and PwC. Mid-2019,

Christoph joined a team of highly talented people, set up the first subscription model provider for electric vehicles in Austria and served as its CFO. In late 2020, he founded his own consultancy firm focusing on strategy, transformation, climate risk management, and sustainability.

Christoph lives with his family in Vienna. He works also as business coach as well as lecturer at university.

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