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Devin Patel Barochiya

Devin Patel Barochiya - Member Profile

Dublin, Ireland

MSc, Trinity College Dublin
Watson Health
Independent Professional

Devin is an emerging talent in the field of product development and partnerships, known for his innovative approach and technical adaptability. With experience at Merative Healthcare and Deloitte, he has shown a keen ability to manage products and engage stakeholders effectively. At Merative Healthcare, Devin played a key role in the modernization of Health Insights, showcasing his skills in data and security requirements. His tenure at Deloitte further highlights his capability in strategic consulting and stakeholder management, where he successfully navigated complex client requirements.

Devin’s skills include product-led growth strategies, agile methodologies, and data analysis. He holds an MSc in International Management from Trinity College Dublin and a BSc in Computer Science from Kakatiya University. His passion lies in understanding client needs and driving business solutions. Devin’s fresh perspective and commitment to excellence make him a promising addition to our community.

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