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DJ Duarte

DJ Duarte - Member Profile

Yamaguchi, Japan

BBA, University of Maryland
Korn Consulting
Alvarez & Marsal

DJ Duarte’s 35+ years as a Global Optimization Expert & TPS/Lean Leadership Coach based on the principles and practices of the Toyota Production System, has enabled him to influence the practical application and implementation of business processes and systems that delivers real world operational cost outcomes.

His unique ability to develop lean leaders with the right mindsets & behaviors to support the sustainable changes is just one of his great strengths. His vast experience working in a variety of industries from manufacturing (automotive, construction, electronics & medical devices), service (resorts, casinos, telecom & retail stores), healthcare (out-patient care & documentation), aerospace (maintenance & servicing), logistics and back office/shared service environments (finance, HR, IT, & procurement) is emblematic of the practicality in applying TPS within any company.

His expertise spans 7 continents, 42 different cultures, 18 different industries and several leading global consulting firms. With more than 56 Joint Venture Partnerships globally, DJ’s powerful network can assist any organization in adopting the worlds most impactful change management practices on earth today. Through a combination of TPS, TPM, TQM and Talent Development (TDP) principles & practices, DJ enables companies to achieve unimaginable sustainable business results.

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