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Ellen Raim

Ellen Raim - Member Profile

Portland, OR

JD, University of Miami

In my most current role as founder of PEOPLE MATTER LLC, I help companies leverage their culture to achieve business success. I have transformed HR in many companies from an administrative function to and work on culture from episodic to strategic. I can rapidly build people systems and infrastructure to drive significant cost savings, further business goals and enhance employee engagement. A few areas where I have lead successful initiatives are: change management, operational excellence, and process and program redesign. For the majority of my career, I have been the senior executive responsible for people and culture in multiple companies, industries and in all stages of company life cycle from start up through bankruptcy.

With degrees in Law, Behavioral Economics and Organizational Design, I like to think I bring a deep understanding of human behavior to all that I do.

I have a model I uses to evaluate and optimize a company’s “people systems” in order to bring about desired business change. I employed this model each time I started a new role as the head of HR. I have also used this model with consulting clients looking to make organizational improvements.

In addition to my consulting role, I am the secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Diaper Bank Network, and a board member of Elder Wisdom Circle.

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