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Glen Sloutsky

Glen Sloutsky - Member Profile

Toronto, Canada

MBA, Schulich School of Business

Glen is the founding principal of TORO Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm. He is a seasoned advisory practitioner, specializing in strategy and governance, operating model design, and organizational design and effectiveness. Glen’s project portfolio spans 20+ years and 60+ clients across government, higher education, health, and infrastructure sectors, among others.

In his work with clients, Glen is guided by the ethos of simplicity, following Einstein’s motto that “…everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. He has found that people at every level of an organization wholeheartedly relate to this concept, and, thus, are eager to champion, lead, and embrace change brought about by simplification.

In addition to his technical expertise in organizational design and business transformation, Glen is a skilled executive facilitator, having worked with many senior leadership teams in helping them make sound, fact-based business decisions and reach consensus on complex issues.

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