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Ian Black

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London, England

BAE Systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ian Black Consulting

Ian Black’s career spans leadership roles in UK and US startups, Fortune 100 companies such as BAE Systems and Hewlett Packard and over four decades of experience, which includes:

• Ten years of recruiting, leading and maturing core functions in a UK startup, religiously focused on aligning the organisation to deliver quarter-on-quarter revenue growth and one of the UK’s most successful FTSE technology companies finally acquired by Hewlett Packard for $11bn;

• Ten years of leading corporate communications in the world’s largest defence company;

• Five years designing and developing several new software products incorporating early-stage AI, which ultimately contributed to over 26% of total company revenues;

• Five years building Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Partner and Service Delivery functions serving EMEA, APAC and the Americas, deploying HP’s first global SaaS go-to-market strategy;

• Five years radically transforming the availability and performance of the world’s largest live-streaming SaaS regulatory compliance platforms.

Ian avoids 9 to 5 routines, enjoys tough challenges, and earning recognition for delivering value.

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