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Jacqueline Rinehart

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New York, NY

MBA, Yale
Wells Fargo
Limitless Innovations

As a high-impact innovation and transformation executive, I have professionally grown up in what is now called Artificial Intelligence.

I offer 25+ years of human centered change leadership in Innovation Labs and Transformation Centers of Excellence. My leadership spans across Start-Ups, FinTech, Fortune 500, and Big 4 consulting. I often work in 1st ever roles to provide the vision, structure, planning, and scalability to make change happen.

As a builder and chief of digital and AI transformation, I partner with the C-Suite and their teams to make change happen. I shepherd strategic thinking, operational efficiency, technology / digital enablement, product transformation, and communications to deliver AI and human design centered innovation. I also integrate an expert’s view of AI’s current and future state ramifications which include data management, security, privacy protection, regulations, ethics, and human impacts.

My abilities reflect 25+ years of hands-on leadership and inclusion, grounded in a JD / MBA and AI Executive Education.

My secret sauce includes ‘an anything is possible’ attitude, inclusionary spirit, and desire to bring ideas to life that shape the future of our world for the betterment of all.

I also embody an AI business strategy concept called Collective Intelligence, that is elaborated in my AI and Collective Intelligence posting on December 4, 2023.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow my posts.

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